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Komatsu BBX50 Series AC Electric Rider Forklift

Rated at 4,000 to 6,500 lbs.

Komatsu’s BBX50 series speaks directly to your bottom line with an extended model range and optional packages to handle your special application. Komatsu technology accelerates your productivity from Total AC power traction and hydraulic systems. It gives you more power, control, capacity and run time while reducing emissions and maintenance. Whether you are moving two loads or two thousand, you can count on Komatsu to meet the challenge of a demanding application.

Total AC Power

Komatsu Technology accelerates your productivity with superior performance from Total AC Power traction and hydraulic systems. The Komatsu BBX50 Series has an AC master controller for self-diagnostics and low maintenance.  Both the hydraulic and traction motors are maintenance free.

EZ View Mast System

The BBX50 series has a slim line steering column and small two-spoke steering wheel. Extensive research and ergonomic engineering provide the operator with easy access and a wide open view. You can see the comfort and confidence through increased productivity.

KOPS PLUS Komatsu Operator Presence System

In compliance with ISO3691, KOPS Plus cuts travel and lift/lowering three seconds after the operator leaves the seat. This travel and lift/lower interlock system allows hydraulic or traveling operations only when the operator is properly seated. Also, an alarm is activated if the operator leaves the seat without applying the parking brake. KOPS Plus remains activated even when the operator returns to the seat, and the interlock system can only be released by returning respective levers to their neutral position.

Programmable Performance

The communication center indicates the state of battery charge, travel speed and drive power indicator, service messages, parking brake and turtle mode indicator. This system allows a supervisor to adjust the performance-power curve, lift speed, tilt speed, and turtle speed. You can allow it to have password protected access, no service tool required.

Komatsu BBX50 Series AC Electric Rider Forklift

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