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Komatsu AE50 Series AC Electric Rider Forklift

Rated at 3,000 to 4,000 lbs.

Komatsu’s electric counterbalanced forklifts bring bold improvements to the market with significant reductions in total operating costs while improving truck performance and productivity. Komatsu’s AE50 Series of four-wheel and three-wheel electric cushion and pneumatic tire forklifts feature innovative engineering ideas to show Komatsu’s commitment to fulfilling customer needs, conserving our environment, and reducing total cost of ownership.

Airtight Wet Disc Brake System

An airtight wet disc brake system assures dependable and reliable braking performance in virtually any working environment. Unlike conventional drum and shoe braking systems that require periodic checks and maintenance, Komatsu’s wet disc brake system can go up to 10,000 hours with little more than oil changes, thereby providing more uptime and greatly reduced maintenance costs over the life of the truck.

Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering System

Komatsu’s hydrostatic power steering system allows for smooth and easy stationary steering and switchbacks, providing outstanding truck agility and maneuverability. With its smaller 12” steering wheel, the Komatsu AE50 Series achieve superior responsiveness and has the ability to maneuver quickly in tight spaces.

IP X4 Waterproof Standard Specification

All Komatsu AE50 model meet the IP X4 international waterproof standards through meticulous design considerations within the proportional hydraulic control valve, control
micro-switches, potentiometers, and control signal circuits. With their reliable waterproof design, the AE50/AM50 models can be used in coolers, freezers, outdoors and also can be washed down with running water.

Side Battery Access

The AE50 Series provide for several ways to easily remove or exchange the truck battery facilitating continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Ergonomic Combination Lever

A Komatsu original design, based upon the advanced ergonomic knowledge, the combination lever optimizes operating processes by cutting down on unnecessary movements. Operators can smoothly and effortlessly operate lifting, lowering, tilting and select travel direction with a slight touch of the switch on the lifting lever. All functional controls are within easy reach from the ideal seated position, ensuring operator comfort even during long, continuous operation.

KOPS Plus Komatsu Operator Presence System

In compliance with ISO3691, KOPS Plus cuts travel and lift/lowering three seconds after the operator leaves the seat. This travel and lift/lower interlock system allows hydraulic or traveling operations only when the operator is properly seated. Also, an alarm is activated if the operator leaves the seat without applying the parking brake. KOPS Plus remains activated even when the operator returns to the seat, and the interlock system can only be released by returning respective levers to their neutral position.

Excellent Visibility

With the operator positioned to the left side of the truck, excellent visibility is afforded in all directions. With a high visibility mast, and the meter panel positioned on the top of the dashboard, the operator has a clear front view to clearly see the fork tips.

Easy Access for Entry and Exit

With a low and spacious step area, entry and exit from the AE50 Series is accomplished with minimal effort thereby reducing operator fatigue. With a spacious assist grip, slim steering column design and deck mounted control levers, the operator can enter or exit from either side of the truck.

Komatsu AE50 Series AC Electric Rider Forklift

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